Writer and Editor Aaron Feldman as drawn by Ricky Lima

Aaron Feldman

Aaron Feldman is a freelance comic book writer and editor who lives in Toronto. He has edited for Chapterhouse Comics (Canuck: Year One, Fantomah, Freelance) and the Shuster-nominated Toronto Comics Anthology.

artist and writer Megan Kearney Hendricks

Megan Kearney

Megan Kearney is an award-winning cartoonist and the manager of Toronto’s Comic Book Embassy.

writer from Brampton

Ricky Lima

Ricky Lima jumps through windows and drives cars fast. When he’s not walking away from explosions he’s writing comics such as black hole hunters club and happily ever aftr. Ricky was born with adrenaline in his veins and action is his name.

Shane Heron

“I love it when you call me Big Poppa/Throw your hands in the air/if you’s a true playa/ …”

Shawn Daley

Shawn is a Toronto cartoonist and chiptunist. He is the creator of TerraQuill and Samurai Grandpa.

Michigan Cosplayer


RayGreyCosplay is a cosplayer who is currently based in Michigan. Also known as Rachel Petersen, she is originally from Windsor, Ontari­o!

Allison O’Toole

Just in case you were wondering if there were more comic book announcements, Action! is bringing you more…

Jason Loo Toronto comic artist

Jason Loo

Jason Loo is a Toronto-based cartoonist and the comic creator behind The Pitiful Human-Lizard (Chapter House Comics), and he’s making his way back to Windsor for ACTION!

Source Point Press

This American publisher is coming to ACTION! to spread the good word on great literary entertainment!

Jay P Fosgitt

Professional comics creator returns to Windsor for ACTION!

Meaghan Carter

Meaghan Carter is a Toronto-based comics creator. She is the creator of webcomics Take Off! and the action mythology comic, Godslave,

Messiah Complex Cosplay

Geoff MacDonald of Messiah Complex Cosplay is relatively new to the game, but he’s created quite a name for himself within the community.

Studiocomix Press

Studiocomix Press is on a mission to build a new generation of Canadian Comics, and they’re bringing their crusade to Windsor!

Tony Isabella

Tony Isabella is the creator and writer of Black Lightning; co-creator of Misty Knight and Tigra; writer Captain America, Champions, Daredevil, Dracula, Ghost Rider, Grim Ghost, Hawkman, Iron Fist, the Living Mummy, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Star Trek and many others.

Gaddis Gaming

Enter the mini war-room with Gaddis Gaming from Detroit!